I’m At It Again…

Crap that I did today:

  • Didn’t kill anyone at work (It sounds creepy to keep mentioning this, but I take a certain amount of pride at that accomplishment…)
  • Brushed the other 2 cats from the day before.
  • Went to the dentist. Apparently, I still have teeth. That’s always a plus.
  • Exercised.
  • Thought about a board game design that might actually work.

Stuff that I watched:

  • Nothing. I forgot to tape “Mythbusters.” No great loss – I’ll catch it when it repeats in a day or so.


  • Note to Hollywood types: If you can’t sleep, try counting sheep before overdosing on sleep medication.
  • Two whole days without a promising young Hollywood actor or actress accidentally or purposely committing suicide. How impressive.

Mission Accomplished!

  • I got rid of nearly 1.5 gigs of stuff off of my hard drive. I feel so efficient.

My own personal challenge for tomorrow:

  • My desk is cluttered. I need to process at least 10 unopened envelopes.

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